A Better Way
to Broadband.

SPARQ Open Fiber is reimagining the connectivity conduit—empowering homes, businesses, communities, municipalities and ISPs with high-speed fiber solutions.

We believe that broadband is for all—not for some. We believe in eradicating digital inequity with infrastructure and services that last for generations. And we believe it’s time to get to work.


U.S. households are served by only one ISP that often offer minimum broadband speeds


Americans live in markets dominated by a broadband monopoly
Institute for Local Self Reliance


of U.S. households currently have access to fiber broadband
RVC Report

Open access fiber is an advantage for everybody.

Delivering affordable broadband to every American isn’t just a laudable goal—it’s a tangible initiative that benefits all stakeholders.

End-User Customers benefit from increased competition, yielding better services at lower prices.

Service Providers eliminate last-mile capital infrastructure investments and can focus on enhancing subscriber services, support and billing.

Municipalities benefit from increased connectivity for their constituents, driving increased economic productivity and increased property values.

Achieving digital equity takes drive and determination—and of course, a SPARQ.

Water, gas and electricity; these aren’t nice-to-haves—they’re essential utilities that are funded at the federal, state and local level.
Broadband connectivity is just as crucial.

The future economic health and vitality of our communities depends on affordable, accessible, high-speed internet—and delivering it will increase job prospects, improve education and enhance healthcare.

By utilizing and optimizing existing technologies, embracing innovation and leading by example, we can transform our digital landscape. Join us, and together we can bring broadband—and opportunity—to every American.