Open Access

When it comes to access, keep an open mind.

Today, most Americans buy internet through a vertically-integrated service provider—typically a cable or telephone company. In these instances, that company has paid to construct the network, operates the infrastructure and sells all internet/phone/TV services. And in almost every case, the company doesn’t allow open and equal access to any other service provider—which limits competition, leads to higher prices, and results in poorer customer service.

We think there’s a better way.

With the SPARQ open access fiber model, we pay to construct the network. We operate the infrastructure. But we do not sell services to homes and businesses; instead, we allow multiple service providers to leverage our network. This encourages competition, and forces providers to offer lower costs and better experiences to their customers.

The bottom line? High speeds. Low prices. And reliable, 100% fiber optic connectivity.

How does open access work?

  • Public–private partnerships are a requirement to make fiber deployments economical for the community
  • The SPARQ platform can work with multiple partner fiber owners, i.e., MUNI, Electric COOP, Tribal nations, etc.
  • SPARQ Open Fiber’s model creates a common fiber infrastructure that provides communities with choice, innovation, and affordability

Let’s connect. Let’s partner up to bring down digital inequity. And let’s have some fun while we’re at it.